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  • COVID-19 Bike and Pedestrian Count Changes - Welcome to the Unique Spring 2020 Pedestrian and Bicyclist Traffic page! Scroll through the interactive StoryMap to see the dramatic changes in active transportation throughout Governor Tim Walz’s peacetime state of emergency and stay at home orders while exploring weekly changes through mid-May. The StoryMap also features short sections of insight on the Twin Cities metro area and the impact of a mid-spring snowstorm. Stay active and stay safe, Minnesota! Published August, 2020 Product of the Office of Transit and Active Transportation
  • Minnesota’s 2017 Walking and Bicycling Data Report (PDF) - The latest statewide analysis of people walking and bicycling between 2014 and 2017.
  • Pedestrian and Bicyclist Data (Excel) - This file contains daily people volumes collected with automated counting equipment at 22 reference sites across Minnesota between 2014 and 2019. Since people bicycling and walking are impacted by weather and climate more than people driving motorized vehicles, day-of-year factors which account for daily changes in temperature and precipitation, are used to correct outliers and “impute” (e.g. estimate) missing data.
  • Data collection manual (PDF) - A Minnesota-specific manual for collecting bicycle and pedestrian data
  • Economic bicycling study - A study detailing the economic impact of bicycling in Minnesota. Produced by MnDOT, Minnesota Department of Health and the University of MN.
  • The Minnesota Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Initiative: Institutionalizing Bicycle and Pedestrian Monitoring (PDF)